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Spirit StationThe Spirit® brand’s patriotic image is a coast-to-coast success story for retail fuel and convenience store sites of every size. The appealing red, white and blue color scheme and stylized eagle-over-stripes logo invite attention and inspire loyalty among customers and travelers across the nation.

To preserve the strength of the Spirit® brand image and to help licensees through the imaging process, the Spirit® Petroleum team has developed a kit of tools geared toward site imaging. Spirit®’s easy-to-use Test-Drive program is a great way to help marketers and their dealers visualize how a site will look once it’s branded Spirit®. And Spirit®’s Image Standards Manual provides clear, detailed instructions and specifications on everything from correct use of the Spirit® logo for marketing to specifications for imaging canopies, sign faces, pumps and valances. Plus, the professionals at Spirit® stand ready to help with custom design options for nonstandard elements and, if necessary, compliance with local ordinances.


Spirit®’s Test-Drive program couldn’t be simpler to use. You send us pictures of your proposed site. We’ll send them back digitally altered to show what that site will look like as a Spirit® location. It’s a great tool. More information on the Spirit® Test-Drive.

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Spirit®’s concise, detailed Image Standards Manual is designed to help licensees navigate the site conversion process as smoothly as possible. Executing a site conversion correctly keeps costs and downtime to a minimum, and preserves the integrity of the brand image. Spirit® is here to help. Download the Spirit® Image Standards Manual (5.1m pdf).

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The graphics and design staff at Spirit® is dedicated to helping licensees and site owners find ways to address tricky conversion issues like nonstandard canopies, unusually-shaped buildings or stringent local ordinances. Got a design challenge? Spirit®’s ready to tackle it with custom solutions that tailor our popular brand image to any site’s requirements.

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The Petroleum Marketers Oil Company, LLC (PMOCO) and the Spirit brand are owned by the nonprofit Petroleum Marketers Association of America. The brand is available to independent petroleum marketers who are members of PMAA’s 48 state and regional trade associations. © 2019 Spirit® Petroleum